My reasons to be a Journalist

Some people say that this world is a bad place to live in. The most common thought, especially in my country, Italy, is to bury your head in the sand.

I believe that no one can hide from reality, so I have decided not only to face what is around me but also report it.

I know my path and I choose my steps towards what I think should be done.

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Valeria Marchetti





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My life Part-One

I was born and grow up in Rome. I spent most of my life surrounding by the Roman’s antic atmosphere and perceive that something was not so perfect as the view suggested.

When I became a regular reader of journals and magazines I have realized that under Rome there are not only archaeological site but also a lots of corruption and crime.

Unfortunately not only Rome has this problem. If you can see behind the surface you can spot the dark colours even though there could be a beautiful sunshine.

Being extremely curious, my university choice was sociology and applies it on the real life.


My life Part –Two


I always figured out myself as an independent girl who want to explore the human behaviour and capture the essence of every culture.

London is the city that till know reflect my expectations.

In this foreign city I found an internship that has changed my life. I got the great opportunity to work for RAI Tv, Radio Televisione Italiana, as a Researchers and Editor.

Above all, learning English and be able to be enrolled in a British University (Westminster university) was one of my best achievements.


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Valeria Marchetti – Section News – Section Word

Eumagazine is an Italian online journal, which focuses on Rome and Word’s news.

My passion for online journalism came from this work experience. All of my 250 articles I have made for Eumagazine represents a challenge that I have to achieve. Something that can improve my skills and open my eyes in a new reality.

I can prove that although I am living in London I am still collaborating with the journal, bringing my knowledge of English and researching hot and unusual news from here.

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More about me

I started my blog four years ago; just a few months later I came to London. Overlooklondon represented an umbrella to cover a new life, framing my thoughts in an overview on me.

As comments from other bloggers arrived, I began to explore not only my feelings, but also current affairs, giving my personal opinion about them.

Through the blog’s word, I have a chance to meet other people virtually, read other points of view and sometime get inspiration for my articles.

Reading other posts about local news and doing deep research about them, made me produce appealing articles for eumagazine.

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The skinflint university project.

Skinflint was set up during my Master in International journalism at Westmister Univeristy in London.

Skinflint was an amazing experience that made me confident to write in English. It is a web created by an young for the young.

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