I was born in Turkey on 13th June 1984. I am based in London/United Kingdom where I finished my masters in Journalism International (Broadcast) at the University of Westminster.

I have bachelors degree in Sociology from the Ege University in Izmir (Turkey) and I have 5 years experience in the journalism field. First, I had worked for a news magazine, Izmir Life, as a correspondent from September 2003 to June 2005. Also I was involved in the process of publishing a weekly tabloid newspaper, Izmir'de 7 Gun.

In June 2005, I started to work for a national television network and Turkey’s first news channel, NTV, as a correspondent. I worked there as the only correspondent in the Izmir Office for 3 years. I was also responsible for the entire Aegean Region and travelled many other cities to report news.

I would like to continue my career in video production.

My native language is Turkish, apart from that I have an advance level of English and elementary level of French. My hobbies include being a professional scuba diver (CMAS) and a professional swimmer for the Ege University for 7 years.

multimedia journalist


This is my final project video documentary. It explores the affects the recession has had on the arts and cultural life in London. The recession has impacted the pockets of Londoners' as well as the Arts Council's government funding. At this time are Londoners still keen to enjoy the arts?