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E-mail: nancy_yang47@hotmail.com

I am currently studying for Masters Degree in journalism at the University of Westminster after receiving the Chevening Scholarship from the British Council on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Before I came to pursue the Masters degree in UK, I’ve been working as an editor in the News Center of Chengdu Economic Daily, China for five years.

I was mainly in charge of collecting important entertainment and art news and possible story ideas on the internet. In order to expand our resources and save cost, I independently built a network of over 30 big newspapers around China through which we exchanged news resources and stories on a daily basis. Further more I extended the network to news agencies in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This network system brought our newspaper a great deal of exclusive news and first-hand information.

Through the opportunity to be educated in UK in journalism practice, I get chance to observe the different operations of journalism between UK and China.

I hope that after better understanding of journalism in both countries, I could be the bridge of media between UK and China, deepen each other’s cooperation and communication. With the usage of new media, we could make the news travels faster and influence widely.

As a journalist, I document the change of the world and record other people’s lives. In my spare time, I’d like to travel around to document my footprint on this planet.

Traveling around the world is my life dream. During the study in UK, I could stretch this dream. In My Gallery, I’d like to share the interesting moments I spent on the road.

I’ve never taken any courses in photography or film recording, but I always enjoy capturing the wonderful scene through the lenses with my heart and eyes. And also share it with you here the beauty I’ve found in life.


Receiving certificates as follows:

The Most Valuable Editor of Chengdu Economic Daily Nov 2007

The Most Valuable Debater in the CED debating competition July 2006

Certificate for Reporters and Editors Dec 2003

Certificate for English Majors, Band 8 March 2001

Certificate for Spoken Mandarin April 2000

Certificate for Computer Knowledge, Band 2 Oct 1998


Editor of Chengdu Economic Daily in charge of media convergence from Nov 2006

Editor of Chengdu Economic Daily in charge of entertainment and art news from 2002 to Nov 2006

Foreign Affairs Supervisor of Top Group from Sep 2001 to Feb 2002


Backpack Trips to Vietnaam, Cambodia, Thailand and other provinces in China, such as Yunnan, Shanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shandong, Guangxi and Hong Kong. Photography