ABout Meh!

A happy-go-lucky person is how I prefer to describe myself ! God has been kind to me and life has been a smooth journey…and it will continue to remain as such.

(I am an optimist and I know how to turn negative into positive…just in case…)

I am from Nepal, a land that proudly possesses the tallest mountain of the world, the Mount Everest.

I don’t know how it feels like looking from atop the Everest. But I certainly know how it feels to belong to this country with lots of beautiful and humble denizens of mine.

I bind myself with my culture and the tradition that has been deeply impregnated in me. They are a part of my priceless riches tightly stored in my treasure trove.

Having been a Chemistry student, I only understood the language of equations and formulae.

Interviewing people, writing stories, taking pictures, making documentaries for TV and radio and designing websites was unimaginable for me.

But now I can call myself a multiimedia journalist and it both surprises as well as makes me feel proud at the same time.

I am a strong believer of destiny and I believe that my destiny has driven me into doing things I never thought of even in my wildest dreams.

I needed a to start and now I feel a crave in me for journalism. The impetus is huge.

I certainly didn’t choose my career; my career chose me! Now I dream to live by it.

Chemistry to Journalism has been a great metamorphism and I am simply loving it despite the bumpy ride.

The question that now unfolds is- how far will I be able to go?

This is a question whose answer only TIME knows and I will wait for the moment patiently. I believe our destiny is fixed…we just need to tread the path.

And it’s best to do that with confidence and positive attitude.

I live by the words of my mother…forget the past, live for the present and future is all your’s!

I prefer calling myself an OPTIMIST!

News briefs- Mighty Widgets

Reading news at Kantipur TV Networks Pvt. Ltd. was great. It played a pivotal role in my life convincing me to take up journalism.

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