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Photo by Lei Yang

Speak out your love, the month long love letter

by Lei Yang

This week, Skinflint has chosen the romantic and private theme of sex and romance. What kind of story could I present to you this time? I asked myself.

Today I have decided to share my love story with you.

Far away from my home country China, I live here alone to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Westminster.

Aside from solving all the problems of study and living in a foreign country, another challenge to overcome is the homesickness especially missing my newly married husband.

As Chinese we are quite conservative in expressing our feelings towards our beloved, but when we are departed ten thousand miles away, we must learn how to express our love.

Long distance love

My husband and I usually video chat through MSN to keep in touch with each other during my lunch time, which is his dinner time.

Since the new term began in January and I began working as a designer for the Skinflint website, I’m busy both day and night. With the eight-hour time difference between UK and China, I don’t have much time to talk to my husband any more.

However, our second anniversary of marriage is in one month’s time.

It’s sad that we could not be together on this important day, but I want to make him know that my heart is always attached with him.

I want to thank him for what he has done for me, waiting for me patiently in China for the whole year for me to finish my study, taking care of my parents when I am away, enduring all the loneliness I’ve brought for him.

What kind of gift could I give to him to show my love for this man?

How I expressed my love

Although I could not talk as much time as before, why couldn’t I write down my love thoughts for him every time I miss him?

Little by little, day by day, in one month’s time, I could write a long letter for him..

I went to card store Clinton and bought an anniversary card, then began my month long love letter writing.

The card is filled with numerous pages and by now I’ve filled every page of the card with all the words I want to say to him.

It’s time to send it to China now.

I’m looking forward to the day when he receives the letter and hope that he can forgive me that I cannot accompany him in these busy days.

“When we are together, you are everything; when we are departed, everything is you.”

May be this is the most inexpensive gift I’ve ever given to him, but I hope that it would be one of the most precious one he’s ever got.

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