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Image courtesy of Marina Cast

Spring is in the air & love is in the supermarket

by Karoline Hjorth

True love is found in the most unlikely places. Forget about online dating, get inspired, and leg it to the fruit and veg section of Sainsburys.

Sainsburys bananas, sweaty shorts and store-brand tampons. Nothing could prepare Jim for stepping into his local Sainsbury’s fruit and veg section on a self-pitying grey Friday and spotting 'The Woman.'

Blond hair radiating over the bananas, a blue jean jacket hugging a gorgeous toned body and the face of an angel surveying the mangoes.

Making his way past the gourmet ready meals, Jim positions himself to properly view this beauty until he can no longer fain interest in today’s dinner ingredients.

As he shoots his best "hey look at me I'm gorgeous smile", the girl walks behind the potatoes but smiles back before disappearing between the aisles.

Fate Intervenes

Two weeks later, as luck has it, Jim’s yearly fit of athleticism happens to coincide with supermarket girl’s Easter Friday shopping.

After two laps around the local park, Jim irrationally decides to go for a third.

Dripping in sweat and barely able to lift his legs, he heads for Kwik Save (R.I.P) on autopilot, dreaming of a shower and a hamburger.

With his sweaty shorts, he heads to the fruit and veg section and nearly runs down the Sainsbury’s girl who quickly adds a bag of carrots to her festive shopping basket of pads, tampons and chocolate and speeds off to the till.

Desperately thinking of a cunning way to strike up conversation, the autopilot comes to a rescue and makes the bravest move of his life.

He cleverly:

a) Joins the right queue

b) Wites on a receipt “I've seen you around and if you want to meet up or something here's my number.

c) Walks straight up to the girl, taps her on the shoulder and whispers "Hello, errmmm, I have seen you around and if you want it, here is my number"

d) Then thrusts the receipt into the startled girl’s hand, smiles and makes a quick escape.

Three years later Jim has learnt Norwegian, can ski better than 99% of most Brits and lives with the most beautiful girl you could hope to meet in the fruit and veg section of Sainsbury’s.

Aww Inspiring

The lovebirds have kept the Kwik Save receipt and keep it framed on a shelf in their bedroom.

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