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Photo by Kamilah Fabien

Romantic weekend on a budget

by Kamilah Fabien

You don’t have to be rich to impress your partner. It's all a matter of being creative and planning ahead.

Start the weekend off right and check yourself and your snuggle-buns into a hotel. You want to set the mood right from the beginning don’t you? So follow my instructions.

The Lincoln House Hotel is a bed and breakfast that offers a free three course dinner on certain nights, so you can have accommodation for the night and a free dinner to start your weekend date.

A small double could cost you as little as £66 per night. With the free meal included, it’s a good price. Ask for the offer when booking or you will pay more.

After dinner head off to a nightclub. It’s Friday night so I suggest Oxygen. And no, it’s not the most romantic club, but there are three levels which can help set the mood.

Love Fridays at Oxygen features Sexy R&B. Check the website for yourself after reading this article. The point is, you can whisper sweet nothings upstairs in the lounge or do a little bump and grind downstairs on the dance floor.

Don’t stay out too late you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow and if you did everything correctly, a big night ahead of you as well. Wink wink!

Setting the mood from the beginning

Wake up and pack a picnic basket with sandwiches, thermosed coffee, juice boxes, yoghurts, muffins, crisps and everything else you fancy.

You’re heading to Richmond along the river now. With that beautiful river passing under the Richmond Bridge, as far as romantic sights go, this one is a winner.

Prices from Westminster to Richmond one way are £12 per person. Go one way, have your lunch picnic on the bank and stroll alongside the river.

By now the mood is set so your honey-bear won’t mind taking the train back. Actually the view on the train from Richmond to Waterloo station is quite picturesque and Saturday midday there won’t be a crowd.

Saturday night

Relax until tonight when you head to Satay. It’s a groovy restaurant in Brixton. The lights are muted, the food is good and well priced and they have a happy hour everyday from 5pm-8pm.

Satay is close to the tube station in Brixton and you can head back to central now, to the Prince Charles Theatre. Ticket prices are as low as £1.50. Doesn’t matter what you see, by now you should both be seeing stars and hearing music as you walk.

Before dropping your loved one home, have hotdogs from one of the street vendors for £3. Get your well deserved kiss goodnight and head home yourself feeling light.

Yes your wallet will also be light, but for a weekend long date you came out alright. If you and your lovey-dovey share the same address let the weekend fun continue.

This date would be great for your babe’s birthday weekend. Have fun!

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