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Image courtesy of Ian Forrester

Fast track your love life with speed dating

by Gizem Melek

Are you seeking someone special but don't have the time for love? Don't overlook the potential of speed dating.

An equal number of men and women meet up, pair up and chat for a few minutes. What's your favorite colour? What's your sign? Then ding! A bell rings!

Your mini-date is soon over and it’s time to move on to the next one. The interrogation continues.

Unlike conventional dating, if you realize in the first seconds that your date's a fizzle, you don’t have to wait for the whole evening to end. You can simply move on to the next person.

When you've finished speed dating with everyone in the group, you come up with a wish list. You need to write down who's sexy and who's not. If your favourites feel the same, then the organisers will help you get the contact details.

Save time

Some speed daters say it is a fun way to meet potential matches and it saves time as well.

“Everybody talked about it and I kept wondering. I decided to go out and see how it works. Honestly, I found some guys very desperate and weird. But there were some nice guys as well. I haven’t given up yet. I will try again until I find the man of my life,” says Rose Baker, 31.

Another speed dater Isabella Giovanni, 32, told skinflint, “I was looking for fun and something different so I tried speed dating. It was hilarious."

" People take it so seriously. I went there with my friend. We were a bit nervous so we got drunk and met nice guys. Actually the host was the cutest one,” confessed Isabella.

Sam Dawson, 28, from North West London says, “I wanted to experience new things. I know I can meet a guy in a bar, but I wanted to do something fun. It was fun and I made new friends. I will definitely go again.”

People do find love

If you think this means the death of romance, you might have to reconsider. Some speed daters found their true love in the space of three minutes.

Mike Shebaz, 38, told skinflint, “I was looking for love and I found my soul mate on a speed date.”

So forget your hang-ups about speed dating and looking desperate. It can be a fun experience and you just might find someone to have a lasting relationship with.

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